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Imperial Method

This method of calorie calculator is very common and most people living in western countries follow this method. There is some basic information required to find out your daily calorie needs.


The total calories required in a day for a male will be much higher than that of a female. Sometimes it depends upon the goals that a person wants to achieve and the calorie is adjusted accordingly.


Age also plays a very important role in finding out the calorie requirement per day. A person who is 14 years old will require a very less amount of calories when compared to a person who is around 30 years old.


After Sex and Age, another important thing required is the person’s height. Height plays a major role in calorie determination as a 6 ft person will require much more calories than a person who is 4 ft. In the imperial method, the height of a person is measured in feet (ft).


The current body weight of a person is also very important as it helps us to know that how much a person has to gain or lose according to his requirements and goals. The weight of a person is measured in pounds (lbs).

Metric Method

This method of calorie calculator is quite similar to the imperial method as it also requires the person’s age, sex, height, and body weight. The only thing that makes it different is that the height is measured in centimeters (cms) and body weight is measured in kilograms (kgs).

Activity Level

The daily activity level of a person also helps to determine the calorie intake per day as it will be different for a person who is highly active and a person who is not active at all. The activity level is divided into 6 categories and a person can find out very easily that at what level they stand.


This type of person is considered highly inactive as they spend most of the day sitting, with little or no exercise. The daily calorie requirement for this kind of person will be very less as their body does not burn the calories.

Calorie Calculator Sedentary


The activity level is higher than sedentary but not too intense. In this, a person does any physical activity 1-3 times/week and the calorie intake becomes a little higher than a person who is highly inactive.


A moderate level of activity means that a person does any kind of physical activity or weight lifting 3-4 times a week. The person is slightly active when compared with the other two and the calorie requirement per day will also be high.


As the name suggests, the person is active which means Daily exercise or intense exercise 4-5 times/week is done by them and the workout followed by them is also according to their goals and requirements.

Very Active

When a heavy and intense workout is followed, then it becomes obvious that a person will burn more calories. This becomes the reason for them to intake more calories as they do Intense exercise 6-7 times/week.

Extra Active

Very few percentages of people are extra active as it requires Very intense exercise daily, or physical job almost every day. According to the research, this type of person requires the highest amount of calories, and most of the calories come from carbohydrates.


The last and the most important thing required to find out optimal calories by using a calorie calculator is the person’s goals. Different people have different goals according to their body type and lifestyle. Most people have 5 types of goals:

  • Maintain Weight
  • Weight Loss
  • Extreme Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Fast Weight Gain

Calorie Calculator By Using Formula

Sedentary (No Exercise)BMR×0.2
Lightly Active (Low Intensity)BMR×0.375
Moderate (Slightly Active)BMR×0.55
Very Active (Intense)BMR×0.725
Extra Active (Highly Intense)BMR×0.9